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Root Canal Procedure

If you feel sensitivity or pain when you have cold or hot drink it is highly probable that you have an affected tooth due to an infection.The color changes on any of your teeth also may be a symptom of infection.In these cases you should visit your dentist immediately and he will probably recomment you root canal treatment.

You may heard that the root canal procedure is not an easy treatment. Actually it is not that difficult. The tiny canals in our teeth may be infected. This causes the pulp inside our teeth also become diseased.In order to remove the infection your dentist or an endodontist should perform the root canal procedure.

First af all the canals are cleaned and then the tooth is covered either with a filling or a porcelain crown. Crowns are more common because they give strength to the tooth itself. The procedure generally takes one or two visits.

If you are seeking for top quality treatments at a competitive price , then you might choose the opportunity to travel to Moldova for dental treatments. Dental.MD is the clinic you should choose because:

1) We are not just a simple dental office. Our clinic is on 1000 sq meters spaces specialy designed for dental services. If some dental offices, situated in a residential house just pretend to be named as clinics, and where one doctor executes all the dental related services, then we definetly redefine the meaning of what a dental clinic is. Our specialists are divised in departments and every specialist is the best in his area. We do know which is the main concern for potential dental travelers – how disputes are managed
in case of post-treatment complications. We are a big clinic and that counts. If a small dental office could just dissapear over the night… then we have all the necessary infrustructure to represent a trustworthy organisation where patients from abroad will feel safe.

2) Our staff includes professors from the State Medical University. We do not put our accents on marketing and advertising, but on reputation. Our professors have build their reputation by hard work and experience. And now their abilities are at your disposal. We should mention that despite any myths about the quality level in “third world countries”, our specialists, are the ones, who have participated at many international dental
conferences and their scientific theories are recognised by top international professors.

3) We have partnerships with travel companies and other medical services providers. So if you intend medical travel not only for dentistry, then we might advise any medical related clinics which we have choosed to be our partners. You will be provided with translators\concierge services etc for the whole period of stay.

4) We provide all services related to dentistry even the most complex. Our patients have received treatments which in their country not only where very expensive, but they also had to travel to a bigger nearby city, as in local clinics they had no specialists with necessary skils, to execute them.

5) Consultation and dental plan are free of charge. As well we could make hotel arrangements and transport for you from the airport for free. You will receive a SIM-card you could contact us for free during your stay. Any assistance for you as a traveler into a foreign country is complementary

6)Transparency. Our prices for the most requested services you could find on this page. We could make an aproximate
cost estimate at distance if you will send us a digital orthopantomography (X-Ray) by e-mail.
You could know your aproximate expences and take decision while you are on your home country